April 10, 2016

The Projectionist's House

Only a couple of days after our family reunion in Denmark, my wife and I set out on our next tour. My brother had arranged for us to go on a tour of "The Forbidden City" and the "Officers' House" near Berlin. We took the opportunity and got there a couple of days early to do some more exploring in the area.
On our first day, we had three locations planned, so we left relatively early.
We arrived at our destination at around 10:30, and it was already really hot outside. Temperatures were well on their way to 30°C.
Our first location was an old theater. Well, the theater itself collapsed years ago, but the residence of the owner is still left.
Getting on the premises was pretty simple. We walked along the fence and found a hole that we could get through. Once near the building, we started checking for a way in. Our fist way led us up the main stairs - there was a hole in the door! We thought we had made it, but realized that we were only standing in a small entrance room and every way further in had been walled shut.
So we went back out and kept looking. All the windows at ground level were boarded shut, all doors were walled up.
We had almost made it once around the entire building without finding a way in, when I discovered a small hole in the ground that led straight into the basement.
My wife really wasn't thrilled by the idea of crawling in the dirt into a dark basement, but after I had climbed down and verified that this in fact was the way in, she climbed in after me.
Through the cellar rooms we made our way to the stairs that brought us up. What we found was a typical residential house which had been visited and decorated by various "urbexers" and probably more than a couple of teenagers over the past years. There were still some nice scenes to be found and photographed.
All in all, a nice little spot - and the next one is only a few meters down the street......

To find out more about the history of this nice little place and to check out all the photos from this spot, click the button below.


  1. das klavier ist sehr stylish! ;o)

  2. GREAT!!!

    Jordi Vall
    Recuerdo Abandonado

  3. Wow, great photographs! :)

    Photography & Fashion Blog



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