September 14, 2015

Chocolate Factory B.

After we had finished our visit at the old technical museum, my wife and I wanted to check out another spot in the same town.
It was actually only a couple of blocks down the street, but we somehow managed to miss it and had to circle around a bit until we had found a proper place to park.

We walked the short way to the location and found it completeley surrounded by a site fence. There was a huge sign saying that a group of investors is going to build an office building - one they advertise on their website as "visionary center of excellence" which will "realize the networking of the 21st century".
Construction or rather renovation of the old building is scheduled to take place in 2016/17.

So after looking around a bit, I found a way in through the fence but was stopped again at the building wall. There was no way in whatsoever, so we had to be content taking a couple of outside photos.

To find out more about the history of this location, please visit my website.

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