June 14, 2015

Navy Engineering School K. (Part 2)

As promised - here is the second part of my report from exploring the abandoned Engineering School of the German Navy.

Originally, there was only one engine hall. But as the navy, the diversity of types of vessels and the need for trained personnel grew, so did the engineering school. The second machine shop was built in 1943.
It included the entire propulsion system of a destroyer as well as a variety of speedboat engines for the future ship's engineers to train on.

Today, the first machine shop is used as an exhibition space for a society for the the historical preservation and cultural revival of the area (Maritimes Viertel Kiel - Kultur am Kanal e.V.).
The second engine hall however still contains an entire ship's propulsion system.
In this case it's the propulsion system of the former training vessel "Deutschland" which was decommisioned in 1990.
The entire combined diesel and steam turbine engine complete with operating stand and everything has been set up on land and was used for training purposes until the school closed in 2002.

The third engine hall has been almost completely cleared out. It is the newst building in the ensemble and was used for trianing in electrical engineering and for newer types of propulsion systems.

To check out all photos from this location, please visit my website.

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