May 29, 2015

Lost Locomotives

We found these two "old ladies" during the first tour this year. I had found a presumably abandoned railyard while looking over some Google Earth views and so we decided to pay it a quick visit as the last stop on that particular day.
What we found was a little bit disappointing - all the remaining buildings are nowadays being used by the local chapter of the railway preservation society for storing materials.

But on the grounds of the railyard we did find something after all. Two small old locomotives. United in rust, so to speak.
I have no idea what models they are or what year they were built in. The railyard is located in the area of former East Germany, so it's even possible (but improbable) that - altough the technical labels are in German - the locomotives are Soviet-made.

Anyway, it got late and started to rain, so we snapped a few quick photos and then went on our way home.

1 comment:

  1. Verrückt, da stehen tatsächlich solche verrosteten alten Schrottzüge mitten in der Landschaft...hier wäre wahrscheinlich schon der Schrottklau vorbeigekommen und hätte das Alteisen verkauft.
    LG Eva


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