December 4, 2014

Hospital P.

I visited this location after meeting up for breakfast with a couple of fellow explorers from my area.
The hospital was built in a hanseatic city in Germany during the 1930s.
It was first used by the military as a base for the air force. The area nearby was used as a testing center for new airplanes and weapons.
During World War II, the base was turned into a military hospital, and was operated by the town after the war.
The hospital was eventually taken over by private investors, closed down in 2004 and abandoned in 2005.
Two of the buildings are used as storage space by the city's public library.

Here are the first couple of photos.
I case you'd like to check out the full gallery right away, visit my website.


  1. der schimmel guckt ein bisschen wie diese wasserflecken, die sich in japanischen horrorfilmen bemerkbar machen, wenn sich unschönes ankündigt. ;o) schöne bilder!

    1. Das stimmt :) Das gibt mir eine neue Idee, solche Flecken in Szene zu setzen :)


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