February 20, 2014

The Laboratory - Abandoned Pharmaceutical Company (Part 6)

Alright, here it is - the final post about my first (and until now, only) visit to the abandoned pharmaceutical company.
It has been more than two months since our trip there, and the sights as well as the smell and the fine, relatively untouched decay are still very much alive in my memories.
So much so that I definitely have to go there again the next time I'm in the area.

This post is actually a good intermission between the last series about the abandoned cable manufacturing plant and the next one. It finishes my first real "laboratory" series and is a pretty nice starting point for the next series about another anandoned chemical factory...Kodak used to have their X-Ray films manufactured there...so stay tuned for the next post.
Coming soon...the Photochemical Factory...

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